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Are you child friendly?

We sure are! We even have picture books and board games available to keep your little ones entertained while you visit. All we ask is that you respect the space of other patrons and keep the noise to a minimum.

Do you have options for people with special diets?

Yep. We have gluten-free options for both pastries and our regular menu, and most of our menu items are vegetarian or can be customized. We also have a few vegan offerings on the menu and have soy and almond milk for drinks.

Do you have wi-fi?

We do (and it's free!)

Can I bring my pet in with me?

While we love animals as much as anyone--and friendly animals are more than welcome on the back lawn and our spacious front porch--only service animals are allowed inside the building.

Do you take reservations?

We do not, and on weekend mornings and around lunch-time, seating can be competitive. Please feel free to call ahead of arriving to ask about seating availability.

Can I call in my food order? / Do you deliver?

Nope, sorry. Food orders can be taken on-premises only.

I don't live in the area anymore. Do you ship?

If you live within the continental US, browse and buy bagged coffee and gift cards at our store, here. Shipping is free! For wholesale inquiries or orders outside the continental US, shoot us an e-mail.

Do you take credit/debit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. There is a $1.00 minimum on credit/debit card purchases.

Do you accept LionCash?

We don't. Sorry!


Is there parking on-site?

Yes. There is a parking lot behind the house.

I love your tea! Can I buy it in bulk?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: our Pantheon teas are not available at whole-sale prices, so you can buy them in bulk, but it will be no cheaper than buying a cup on premises. Belladonna Herbs, who provide our non-Pantheon teas, are located right next door in Lemont House, and proprietor Charlene will be more than happy to help you.

Can I get a wholesale discount on your coffee beans?

To inquire about wholesale opportunites, please contact the owners at

Gretchen and Kate make the best cakes/quiches. Can I get one to take home?

Of course! You will need to order it at least a week in advance. Give us a call or walk in for more information.

Do you rent the cafe space out for parties?

We certainly do—with the option to include food, drink, and your own personal barista if you should so wish. Drop us a line on the contact form or e-mail

I have a business proposition for you...

We're all ears! Send us a note with our contact form or e-mail

I notice you have art for sale. How do I arrange a show?

We schedule shows with local artists many months ahead of time. If you're interested in exhibiting your work with us, send a query letter to

Are you hiring?

Our staffing needs change with the time of year, but if you're interested in working for us, send your resume and availability to If you look like a good fit, someone will be in touch!

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